Surprise & Shine

Excuse me for a second…

Just dropping this blessing/testimony so I can come back to it over and over again!

There’s no secret that entrepreneurship is hard. Really hard. You have to find the motivation every single day to get up and crush it. So describing entrepreneurship as one crazy roller coaster ride with extreme highs and lows is pretty accurate.

For me I went from an expected high with doing considerably well over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday holiday sales boost but by mid week my bank account was looking bleak. In fact it was embarrassingly low because the timing of money coming in wasn’t keeping up with the money that needed to go out. (Cashflow in any business is a serious issue.)

Then, like just how my God does things, a beam of light shined through the darkness.

[bctt tweet=”Then, like just how my God does things, a beam of light shined through the darkness.” username=”daveiaodoi”]

That beam of light was a Facebook notification from ‘rich friend’ Nicole Walters. (If you’re not familiar with Nicole, trust me, you will be. She’s a social media phenom who uses her influence for a whole lot of good.) She tagged me on a post to say that she’ll be showcasing one of my phone cases from live on TV in a segment with ABC 13 (Michigan).


My phone case is airing in a TV segment?!!


Not sure if you caught that, but I went to bed not knowing how to fix my cashflow dilemma to waking up to a blessing of epic proportions and financial rewards as I watched my product being talked about live on the TV morning news.

Nicole knows it now but she didn’t know then that her post came at a much needed time for me. I don’t doubt for one second God used her to remind me that everything will be just fine and to keep doing the work.

It was a another reminder to TRUST God.


What about you?

What highs and lows have you experienced on your entrepreneurship journey?

Did you have any moments of ‘I SEE YOU GOD!’?

If so, share in the comments!


Here’s a clip of the segment:

The featured phone case design is ‘Ms Radiant Frames‘ which was inspired by Nicole’s bubbly personality and signature ‘Scoprah Specs’:

msradiantframes_photoImage courtesy of


This amazing opportunity came about because I learned what it means to ‘stay ready so you don’t have to get ready’. You can read more on that lesson here.

Written by Daveia Odoi.


  1. Millicent Miracle December 4, 2016at4:56 am

    This is AMAZING! God is always on time. Your post resonated with my deeply. No secret that the entrepreneurial journey comes with highs and lows but I determined to steadily gain more mileage and inner growth. Thank you and I’m looking forward to sporting my own case and tee!

    1. Daveia December 4, 2016at5:15 am

      Hi Millicent!

      Thank you for commenting. Glad this testimony resonated with you so well. Stay encouraged on this journey. It’s worth the hassle! And thank you for supporting my brand! I appreciate you!


  2. Asha December 15, 2016at5:42 pm

    This was a blessing to read and watch. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Daveia December 15, 2016at7:00 pm

      My pleasure Asha!


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