Simplicity Matters

You probably know me for my illustration work (see The DynaSmiles) as that’s what I share the most online. Today I thought I’d share a glimpse of my other contributions in the world of visual branding for one of my corporate clients and leave a quick branding tip.

McBride Laboratory is the owner of the hair care line Design Essentials whose product is sold pretty much everywhere. I did some print ad work for them that recently ran in Essence magazine. Corporate clients love clean, professional, and did I say clean design. If that’s the level of business you’re trying to get to then remember that less is more when putting your branding together. Not because that’s what’s been done, but rather, because that’s what works.

With this assignment, I was given strict guidelines to adhere to as they wanted me to stay within their branding initiative for this product launch. I had to keep things simple, clear and appealing as that’s what works for this particular brand.

Your take away… Busy, bright and all in your face design is not for everyone. Sometimes keeping things simple is the best thing.

Written by Daveia Odoi.

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