She Met Her Goal!

How many of you are aware of the ‪#‎1000BlackGirlBooks‬ initiative started by a young girl named Marley Dias?

Marley’s story is about her love for reading. Frustrated with the stories she had access to, Marley decided to start a campaign to find 1000 books where the main characters looked more like her.

Well she recently met her goal and today I was tagged in a picture of her holding a book I illustrated!

Marley Dias holding “I Know I Can”.
Written by Veronica Chapman & Illustrated by Daveia Odoi.
Photo Copyright Grass Roots Foundation.

Also there’s a great lesson here… we really can impact our world, it just takes action and a little creativity. 11 year old Marley is a great example for all of us.

To read more about Marley’s inspiring story see this recent article:

*Top photo by Andrea Cipriani Mecchi.


The book I had the honor of illustrating is called “I Know I Can” written by Veronica Chapman.
Click the picture to purchase a copy!



Written by Daveia Odoi, Your Visual Branding Advisor and Owner of DNT Dynamite Design, LLC & The DynaSmiles® by DNT.

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