New Social Media Presence in Just 4 Hours

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of working with a very special VIP client, my husband, who needed a social media overhaul.

He’s a life coach and a speaker who recently stepped into the online business world and took a liking to Google plus (don’t ask me why) and then eventually ventured over to Instagram… Yeah!

Well, after being on Instagram for two whole months and only having my sister and me as his followers, I knew something was off. Once I was able to take a look at his feed I realized it was his branding. It was non-existent.

Now my husband is an amazing guy who supports me in all that I do so its easy to understand why he would take on this task by himself. He simply didn’t want to put more on my plate. So for two whole months he prepped his images, nurtured his quotes and posted to Instagram with nothing in return; no likes, no followers, no nothing.

In being results oriented, I convinced my love that his postings were being done in vain and that a change had to come. That’s when he said OK and I pretty much ran with it as far as I could.

First and foremost we sat down together to refine his audience as we needed to understand who he would be talking to in his posts and ultimately serve as clients. Then we came up with a strategic plan on how to remain consistent as he engages them.

Here is a list of all the next steps we took to really pronounce his personal brand as a life coach:

  • Decided on a social media handle: @LifeCoachEdmund on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook
  • Purchased his domains which covered his business name, personally branded handle and his actual name (which all redirect to the same website). I use NameCheap & SiteGround to purchase my domains and hosting.
  • Defined his color scheme: 2 Shades of Blue, Gray, Hints of Light Green and Orange
  • Created a text based logo and submark:
  • Updated an existing photo to match his brand colors:
  • Created a large header graphic:
  • Created a square graphic (800×800)
  • Setup a landing page to collect emails:
  • Setup a Facebook business profile (necessary for running ads in the future)
  • Used his large header graphic as the main banner on his Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and website landing page.
  • Created Instagram posting templates and a pattern sequence.
    Here’s a before and after: instabeforeandafter

And to think, this all started from wanted to revamp his Instagram page (which is now up to 8 followers as of 9/23/16).

So as you can see, there’s a huge difference in putting together your own branding versus working with a branding professional. Keep in mind, this was all done in about 4 hours. If you’ve been trying to do the same and you’ve literally wasted months then we need to talk!

Written by Daveia Odoi.


  1. Samara Lynch March 4, 2017at12:55 am

    I truly appreciate this blog post! It’s hard to sell yourself and your brand when you’ve never sold anything in your life LOL. I appreciate you. Peace and Love to you.

    1. Daveia Odoi March 6, 2017at2:09 pm

      Thank you Samara! Glad this post was helpful to you.


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