How To Make A Good Logo Great (Part 1)

Logos are a big deal when considering it’s the symbol of your ENTIRE business. 

— No pressure there right?!

Well it can be frustrating in getting a properly designed logo so in this post I’m going to focus on what makes a good logo great by sharing some tips to help the process flow a lot smoother.



If you’re in business, having a logo or brand identity is one of the necessities to effectively sharing who you are and what you do with your target audience. So theoretically, all businesses need a logo because all businesses will need to market themselves at one point or another.

Still, if you’re unsure whether or not you’ll need a professionally made logo then consider where you’ll most likely use it. If you’re using your logo on products that are mass produced or printing it on any large surface (billboard, side of vehicle, banner at a tradeshow, etc.) then you absolutely need a professionally made logo.

Image by Go Media™ Arsenal



Logos are the epitome of what it means to ‘keep it simple sweetheart’ when it comes to your branding. The reason is because a logo’s purpose requires it be versatile and applicable to a wide variety of needs.

For instance, can your logo work on your website and on the side of a building?

What if you need to embroider it on a hat or t-shirt?

Will the design still work?

A good way to tell if your logo is designed for versatility is if it’s still recognizable in all black.

Do the logo test and see if your logo still looks great in all black.




If your logo can pass the all black test then it can also pass the watermark test. (See previous posts for the first installment of this lesson.)

Watermarks are a necessary branding element in today’s online world. As more and more people come online to do business and to be social, more and more people are sharing content like never before (enter Pinterest!).

Although it’s not a perfect solution, having a watermark on your online content is a great way of letting others know who the originator of that content is.

If you’re selling products online, a watermark can also help in reducing image theft (or at least make it not so easy for people to claim your work as theirs. They’ll have to get extra creative or bold to use watermarked images).

Can you spot the watermark in this image?




If this information was helpful to you, let me know in the comments.

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Written by Daveia Odoi.

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