Oh Baby!


UPDATE 2/22/2018: Baby is here and certain products and services have returned! Yep, our family is growing! My husband and I are taking a step back from certain things within our business to focus on

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Surprise & Shine


Excuse me for a second... Just dropping this blessing/testimony so I can come back to it over and over again! There's no secret that entrepreneurship is hard. Really hard. You have to find the motivation

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New Direction, Better Blog


Hope your Labor Day weekend was great! Well, I've been praying about the direction of this website and my own path in regards to what I want to share/teach. Since I'm a creative at heart and

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My Reason Why


Some entrepreneurs will show you the piles of money they earned from their big launches or photos from their exotic vacations. I prefer to share pics like these where l get to hang out with

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She Met Her Goal!


How many of you are aware of the ‪#‎1000BlackGirlBooks‬ initiative started by a young girl named Marley Dias? Marley's story is about her love for reading. Frustrated with the stories she had access to, Marley decided

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It’s Time to Raise the Bar


We all want the success, exposure and multiple commas in our bank accounts. But before we can have a business that shines, we must make sure our business is worth supporting. How is your time

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Don’t Wait, Start Now!


Greetings everyone! 2015 is winding down... Have you started prepping for your 2016? The month of November is a great time to reflect one where you've been and where you want to be. No matter

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