Brand Up! It’s 2017

In today’s online world your website and digital products can get stale very fast.

To avoid looking outdated, add the following to your to do lists:

Update the copyright on the bottom of your website to 2017.
(If you have no copyright date then add it.)

Why? Because people will check you out via your website and other social media handles before they decide to do business with you.

If you use a speaker/media kit, consider adding the date to it.
For example, my media kit for my personal brand and design business both say “2017 Media Kit” right in the title.

Why? Because it shows interested readers that you’re not slack in delivering content for today. How would you feel if someone sent you a media kit or portfolio from 2013 compared to one from 2017?

If you get any professional photos taken, aim to update them every 2 years OR have a few wardrobe changes in your initial photoshoot and release those photos over time to keep you looking fresh!

Cameras take such good photos nowadays that it’s hard to perceive the time frame unless you’ve physically changed a lot or have an outfit or hairstyle that is obviously dated.

Written by Daveia Odoi.

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