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This particular brand reveal has been in the making for weeks and I’m so happy I can finally share it with you! Introducing the new brand personas and packaging design for the bath and body collection found at

“Confident Girls is not only a bath & beauty brand, but it is a movement with a goal to help girls everywhere achieve a confidence level that will help them feel good about themselves; we want girls to thrive as they navigate through the world in which we live.” –



It’s amazing how fun work can be when you and your client hit it off so well. That was the case when Patrice (owner of Decadence Body Shop) and I got together to develop the characters and later on the packaging for her newest brand Confident Girls.

Patrice wanted me to create characters that captured the hearts of young women while celebrating their individuality and impressive talents. With 3 daughters (and a son) of her own, she knew the characters would help her brand’s mission in bolstering a young girl’s self love and acceptance.



Like I do with all clients, I gave Patrice the task to search Pinterest and curate pins that embodied the look and feel for each character with the focus on certain attire and poses.

As you can see, Patrice did a great job!


The overall visual elements for the Confident Girls brand were already established by the time Patrice came to me so I had the task of making sure that my work tied into it well. Specifically, my role was to develop the brand’s flagship characters and their associated product labels to enhance the lotions, shampoos & lip balms of

Here are a few mock ups showcasing the labels in action:

Final image of products sold at retail:


Thank you, Patrice Hopkins, for allowing me to create your beautifully branded packaging, labels and character designs for!


If you’re interested in having your own beautifully branded & youth friendly product line like what you’ve seen here, then I’d be happy to hear from you. Request A Quote!

Written by Daveia Odoi.


  1. Patrice Hopkins December 17, 2016at4:28 pm

    Thank you so much for creating my vision. You are amazing at what you do and we were so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with you.

    1. Daveia December 18, 2016at3:39 am

      My pleasure Patrice! Thank you for trusting me with your vision. Happy to see it come to pass!


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