Hey there!

Wanted to share some exciting news with you and leave some hopefully helpful biz tips from a lesson learned…

The Exciting News:
My brand The DynaSmiles by DNT is listed as #47 of 82 brands to shop with this holiday season in an article on Essence.com! You can read the article here!

Essence is probably (don’t quote me but I’m pretty sure) the most recognizable magazine in the world targeting women of color. So this is pretty awesome when you run a small business.



In this amazing experience I realized 3 important things:

1. Say Yes to Press
Being in a noteworthy publication is a huge credibility booster and a great marketing strategy for any business. Just think, I can now (and forever) say I was featured in Essence. So when the opportunity to be featured in the press in a positive light comes your way, grab it by the horns!

2. Always Be Ready
I was contacted by someone on Essence’s staff out of the blue. Totally by surprise! To make matters even more interesting, I was given a six hour window to respond with a write up on my company, a high quality photograph of my product, legal proof of my business and more or else they’d move on to the next brand. Because of Essence’s reach, I’m sure they had hundreds of brands to choose from. What if I wasn’t ready? What if I said give me a minute? …Always be ready!

3. It’s Who You Know
Essence contacted me because I was recommended by one of my past clients. This person thought of me enough to mention my name and for that I’m truly grateful. I had no idea this person had such a connection and so I was reminded that we never know who in our circle is holding our blessing. That’s why it pays to be kind and respectful to everyone, especially to the people we serve. You’re in business to serve others so serve them well!


Written by Daveia Odoi, Your Visual Branding Advisor and Owner of DNT Dynamite Design, LLC & The DynaSmiles® by DNT.