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I’m finally drawing again…

Moving Forward After Personal Loss

When my husband died from cancer in 2020, a huge part of me died with him. In the years that followed, I couldn’t find the will to draw anything.

But somehow, God helped me understand that there is still beauty in my pain. And now, little by little I can see that beauty shining through. It’s in the innocent faces of our beautiful children; in the laughter of our wise elders; in the breeze that blows gently through the trees… and in so much more.

Thus, I’m truly grateful to be drawing again. May these new smiles birthed in tears shine more beauty into this dark world.

–Daveia Odoi, Illustrator


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Happy Art for Black Women

The DynaSmiles® by DNT is my refreshingly delightful art brand centering black woman joy on high quality paper goods and more since 2009.

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