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"Daveia's mentorship was exactly what I needed thanks to her vast wealth of knowledge. She helped me see the true potential in my illustrations and how to market them effectively. Now, I'm not just passionate about my art, but also confidently making a living from it. Her advice is a treasure for any creative looking to monetize their skills."
Tom Allen
Founder & CEO
"Collaborating with Daveia changed my entire career perspective. Her strategies for creative monetization are straightforward and impactful. Thanks to her, I've seen a significant boost in my income and my self-assurance as a creative professional. She's an incredible mentor for artists seeking financial success."
Jane Anderson
Founder & CEO
"I was hesitant at first about how far I could go with my digital art. Daveia's approach to creative business is transformative. Her tips on effective branding and audience engagement have helped me build a loyal following. I’m now not just creating art but building a thriving career. Daveia’s experience is indispensable for creatives aiming high."
Jake Bill
Founder & CEO

— Welcome

Hello! My name is Daveia Odoi, which is pronounced as Day-vee-yah Oh-doy.

For over 15 years, I've been immersed in the world of creative entrepreneurship, leveraging my skills in illustration and graphic design to not only create but also successfully sell my unique products online.

Are you a creative seeking ways to monetize your skills online?

You’ve found the right place! I specialize in helping artists and illustrators like you to transform their abilities into profitable ventures. With a rich background in selling my own art for over a decade, I bring a wealth of practical knowledge and experience to the table.

No matter if you’re at the outset of your artistic career or aiming to elevate your existing work, my journey has endowed me with a deep understanding of the art industry’s unique challenges and potentials. My aim is to share these insights with you, assisting in turning your distinct artistic talents into a consistent and lucrative source of income. Let’s journey together towards your creative and financial goals!

Daveia Odoi

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Choose this option to have me review your online presence and body of work in a video response detailing how to strengthen your presentation and position your brand for success.

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I'll review your website, social media, overall branding & your available products and/or services in an encouraging video to help you move your art business forward.

Investment: $125

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Sometimes speaking to someone who has been where you want to be is all you need to get to that next level. Receive the guidance you've been searching for in just 1 hour.

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For 4 weeks of coaching, experience a tailored approach that delves deep into your creative business, uncovering what's thriving and what needs improvement.

4 Weeks Training

Gain valuable insights to optimize your operations and drive success.
Week 1: Brand Discovery
Week 2: Brand Positioning
Week 3: Systems Overview
Week 4: Marketing Strategies

Investment: $1000

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Art Biz Bakery

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15+ Years of Creating Great Designs for Greater Returns

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