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from the start with better branding and marketing strategies for your business.

A lot of hard work goes into building a sustainable business.


But when you've spent far too much time and energy DIY-ing your brand rather than serving in your purpose, your business aspirations will stall.


Even worse, you're currently drowning in a sea of frustration because you haven't figured out how to showcase your God-given abilities to where its both enjoyable and profitable.


What if you had real support in figuring out this entrepreneurial journey? And what if you had the actionable steps and guidance that will get you from the sea of frustration to the beaches of relief?


It's time to remove the limitations and eliminate the guess work in building a sustainable business complimented by a distinct brand.

What kind of support are you looking for?

"I Need Clarity"

Not sure what to do next to elevate your brand? Turn the key to unlock your creativity and momentum in growing and sustaining your business.

"I Want Community"

Are you tired of building your brand  alone and wish you had better support? Join "Designer Made" where business, purpose, passion and faith collide.

"I'm Ready To Learn"

Join Shine Brighter™, the online learning experience for creative entrepreneurs & small business owners ready to ignite a brand that attracts, engages & converts.

Hi, I'm Daveia Odoi and I work with creative entrepreneurs to build beautiful and profitable brands from the start because I enjoy watching them share their gifts with the confidence great branding can bring.


With a wide array of products & services available throughout this site, my goal is to help you attract, engage and convert  your ideal client with ease.

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Stop your brand from sinking
your business

In this helpful (and free) guide, you'll learn 5 key strategies to keep your brand and business afloat.

5 Day Email Course:

Brand clarity Challenge

Tired of running in circles in trying to develop a clear brand that attracts your ideal client? Take the brand clarity challenge!


Profit proof your

creative business

Making dollars and sense out of your business
so you can get back to your craft.

design services:

upgrade your


Acquire breath taking visuals (graphic design, web design & custom illustration) to enhance your marketing both online and in print.


Daveia Odoi, 'the happy illustrator' turned branding & business strategist, uses her passion for design and presentation to help fellow entrepreneurs shine brighter.


She's the owner of DNT Dynamite Design, LLC; a full service branding & illustration studio based in Franklin Park, NJ.


And is also the creator of “The DynaSmiles by DNT” which is her original collection of happy art sold in the US, UK & Ghana (West Africa) and has been highlighted by Essence, BET and Black Enterprise.



The DynaSmiles by DNT

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